XKW Series – 3kW – Xantrex Power Supplies

XKW Series – 3kW – Xantrex Power Supplies
300.0V (Max. Voltage)

The XKW is the smart choice for OEM applications where high power and a wide adjustment of output voltage or current is required in a compact configuration. It is ideal for research, product development and production test applications such as R&D, magnet control, product design, ATE, process control, electroplating and burn-in. There are nineteen 1000 watt and 3000 watt XKW models available.

The XKW – 3kW Series includes the following models:

XKW 8-350
XKW 10-300
XKW 12-250
XKW 20-150
XKW 40-75
XKW 55-55
XKW 60-50
XKW 80-37
XKW 150-20
XKW 300-10

Note: Not available for purchase in the US.

High frequency conventional PWM switching is used to achieve high power density in compact 19-inch rack packages: 1.75 inches (1 U) high for the 1000 watt models and 3.5 inches (2U) high for the 3000 watt models. XKW features include standard analog control, parallel or series connection of multiple units for increased current or voltage, and constant voltage or current operation with automatic crossover and mode indication.

External shutdown, external indicator signals
Remote/local modes
Remote sense, 1 V line loss compensation
LabView® drivers
OVP, current limit, thermal protection
CE, CSA, IEC approvals

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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3 kW Models in a Low Profile Chassis