XEL Series – 90/180W – Sorensen Power Supplies

XEL Series – 90/180W – Sorensen Power Supplies
60.0V (Max. Voltage)

The Sorensen XEL benchtop power supply is as easy to use as simple analog power supplies but offers the flexibility of advanced digital features. The user interface allows easy control with single-turn knobs including a fine control knob for voltage. This easy-to-use interface is complemented by V-Spa, S-lock and Output Enable functions. V-Span allows the user to set a maximum and minimum value over which the knob control operates. This provides more precise control over the voltage as the knob operates over a narrow range as well as protecting devices under test by limiting the maximum voltage. S-Lock provides an easy method to output a regulated fixed voltage. Output Enable lets the user setup the desired voltage and current levels prior to actually turning on the output. All of these features in a laboratory bench supply are only found in the XEL series.

The XEL Series includes the following models:

XEL 15-5
XEL 30-3
XEL 60-1.5
XEL 30-3D (dual output)

At 4.2×11.3 inches (108mm x 287mm), the XEL series occupies the least bench top space of any programmable power supply. The dual output model offers 90W per channel, also in a compact 8.4×11.3 inches (216mm x 287mm) The dual output XEL30-3D is two 30V/3A power supplies in one unit. All of the features of the single output version are also in the dual output. Plus, the outputs can be operated in 4 modes: isolated, tracking, ratio tracking and true parallel. In addition, the outputs can be enable (on/off) independently or synchronously.

Ideal for engineering lab use
Digital features with analog controls
Lock: Set and lock the voltage
V-Span: user-defined voltage limits
Small benchtop footprint
Rack mounting ยบ rack x 3U

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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