VT1435 – VXI Technology Transient Recorders / Digitizers

strong>VT1435 – VXI Technology Transient Recorders / Digitizers

102kSa/sec (Max Sample Rate)

•8 input ranges, including a 100 mV range, allow use of low sensitivity transducers
•True balanced differential inputs
•Integrated IEPE transducer signal conditioning
•On-board user-programmable DSP greatly improves total system performance
•User programmable digital anti-alias filters with API controllable
•FIR and Bessel filter FIR digital anti-alias filter provides linear phase response for accurate single and cross channel measurements
•Optional TEDS Support
•Optional arbitrary source or dual input tachometer
•32 MB on-card FIFO memory plus optional local bus allows data records up to 146 MB with the VT2216A VXI data disk, larger data files to external SCSI disks

Max Sample Rate102kSa/sec


Resolution24 bits

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High-speed Digitizer