U1233A – Agilent / HP Digital Multimeters

U1233A – Agilent / HP Digital Multimeters
1.0kV (Vdc High Range)

The Agilent U1230 Series is the ideal HH-DMM in every condition you work in. Whether it’s dark, noisy or even dangerous, the multimeter helps prepare you for these conditions with a set of features that anticipate worse-case scenarios, while simplifying daily tasks. You can single-handedly illuminate the test area with its unique built-in flashlight while measuring or selecting functions with its ergonomic and accessible rotary dial.

The U1230 series HH-DMMs feature a low impedance mode function that eliminates stray voltages to ensure you achieve the highest measurement accuracy. You can also detect non-contacting live voltage with Vsense, and get alerted with a unique combination of an audible beep and blinking LED display. This makes your measurement task easier and more efficient, especially when working in noisy environments. All models allows IR-USB connectivity for data transfer to PC for further analysis. With these set of features, we have your working conditions covered.

Built-in LED torchlight to illuminate test area
Flashing backlight as visual alert during continuity tests in dim areas
Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection
Data logging capability (stores up to 10 readings)
IR connectivity to transfer data to PC for record
Basic measurements (Voltage, Current1, Resistance, Diode, Capacitance, Frequency)
Compatible with U1177A IR-Bluetooth adapter for remote monitoring & dataloggin

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, DCA, ACA, Frequency, Capacitance, TRMS, Temperature

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True RMS 6000 Count Handheld Digital Multimeter with non-contact voltage detector