TDR 1130 – Hipotronics TDR

strong>TDR 1130 – Hipotronics TDR
1000000 (Max. Range)

The Model 1130 can be used with a high voltage coupler to interface with a cable thumper. The cable thumper then provides the voltage signals to enable the Model 1130 to quickly and definitively locate cable faults. Pre-Locate Faults Use the 1130 to Diagnose Cable Faults Easy to Use Compatible with Common “Thumpers” Reduce Outage Time Reduce Cable Damage Digital TDR 16 Sample Memory Serial Port with Software for Waveform Download

Max. Range1000000

Pulse Width Max.20usec

Pulse Width Min.100nsec

More Details
Time Domain Reflectometry Cable Fault Locator