SDA 9000 – LeCroy Serial Data Analyzers

SDA 9000 – LeCroy Serial Data Analyzers
9.0GHz (Bandwidth)
The 13 GHz SDA 13000 is ideal for analysis in systems with serial data rates up to 7 Gb/s, while the 11 GHz SDA 11000 and 9 GHz SDA 9000 support rates up to 6.25 Gb/s and 5 Gb/s respectively. The three instruments feature an architecture supporting 2 channels at full BW.
Each instrument shares the same advanced serial data and jitter analysis capabilities of the SDA 18000, including Q-Scale analysis. Lower bandwidth applications from 6 GHz to 4 GHz are also well served by a number of models in each bandwidth.

•Pristine signal integrity measurements
•Accurate jitter analysis
•Powerful advanced waveform analysis
•Stable, repeatable results

Bandwidth 9.0GHz

Channels 4

Sample Rate 40.0GSa/sec

Memory Depth 100 Mpts/ch (with option)

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