SC-7206 – Iwatsu Frequency Counters

SC-7206 – Iwatsu Frequency Counters
2.0GHz (Max. Freq.)

A lineup of three new types of universal counters with high cost performance that features easy-to-use one key, one action, the user-friendly display guide and calculation functions support any application.
The SC-7207/SC-7206/SC-7205 universal counters provide full capabilities including frequency, period, time interval, pulse width, phase, frequency ratio, duty cycle, event accumulation and peak voltage measuring, with simple operation. They are suitable for R&D and technical training as a basic measuring instrument as well as for production/inspection lines.

Easy operation with one key, one action
Easy-to-read fluorescent indicator tube provides detailed information display of 5×7 dots
Auto trigger function eliminates trigger level settings – Trigger level can also be set manually
Comparator and statistical calculation functions easily make line inspection operations more efficient
Capable of unit conversion (revolution, speed, etc) by using the scaling calculation function
Waveform amplitude at peak voltage measuring for input signal can be checked easily
Save/recall function of panel setup helps make inspection routines more efficient
Full remote control via standard equipped GP-IB (option SC-701 for SC-7205) or RS-232C interfaces
Options provide wide expandability

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Period, Time interval, Pulse width, Phase, Ratio, Duty factor, Event

More Details
Universal Counter 2GHz 10-digit