RG 20.xDSL – Acterna Noise Generators

RG 20.xDSL – Acterna Noise Generators
1.000MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The RG 20.xDSL Noise Generator generates uncorrelated noise using three powerful signal processors and FPGAs. Various noise spectra are determined using mathematical draft procedures. Despite the large frequency range, the spacing between spectral lines is very small.
•Noise generation to ITU-T G.991.2 for SDSL/SHDSL.
•Noise generation to ITU-T G.996.1 for ADSL.
•Future spectra can be downloaded.
•Noise components include NEXT, FEXT, background noise, white noise, broadcast RF noise, amateur RF noise, and impulsive noise.
•Large frequency range, narrow spectral line spacing.
•Balanced output circuit (Thevenin).


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