R5372 – Advantest Frequency Counters

R5372 – Advantest Frequency Counters
18.0GHz (Max. Freq.)

Advantest R5372 18 GHz Microwave Counter:

Number of Channels 2 ch
Minimum Frequency, Ch. 1 10 Hz
Maximum Frequency, Ch. 1 550 MHz
Sensitivity, Channel 1 25 mV
Maximum Input Voltage, Ch. 1 5 V
Input Impedance, Ch.1 50 Ohm
Input Attenuation, Ch 1 x1,x20
Input Coupling, Ch 1 AC
Minimum Frequency, Ch. 2 500 MHz
Maximum Frequency, Ch. 2 18 GHz
Sensitivity, Channel 2 2.23606797749979 V
Maximum Input Voltage, Ch. 2 5 V
Input Impedance, Ch. 2 50 Ohm
Input Attenuation, Ch 2 x1,x20
Input Coupling, Ch 2 AC
Time base stability .0000001 /yr
Trigger Source External,Internal
Measurement Throughput 0.05 s
External Time base reference 10 MHz
Pulse module measurement
Pulse-width measurement
Auto meas. of FM deviation
Ext. timebase:1,2,2.5,5Mhz
Reciprocal Counting
Digital TRAHET
Digital Comparator
Max/Min hold limit
Deviation measurement
Stand Deviation
Offset display
Scaling Display
Ext. time base:1,2,2.5,5 MHz

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]


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