PXA125 – LeCroy Arbitrary Waveform Generators

PXA125 – LeCroy Arbitrary Waveform Generators

125.00MSa/sec (Sampling Rate)
•125 MS/s clock
•14-bit vertical resolution
•2 Meg memory depth
•1ppm clock stability
•10-digits sample clock frequency
•PXI Form Factor single slot
•Multiple instrument synchronization
•Ultra fast waveform downloads using DMA
•Extremely low phase NOISE carrier
•Free-running asynchronous internal trigger generator
•Frequency agility – FSK, ramped FSK, sweep, FM
•Sequence generator controls 128K segments and 4096 links
•”ArbConnection” software for easy waveform creation and control

Sampling Rate125.00MSa/sec


Record Length2 Mword memory

Output Voltage Rangen/a

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