PVS Series – 1200W Type – Kikusui Power Supplies

PVS Series – 1200W Type – Kikusui Power Supplies
600.0V (Max. Voltage)

Featuring a low-profile configuration suitable for rack mounting, the PVS Series power supplies can be installed in a limited space in a rack. This enables space-saving as well as efficient use of racks.

PVS Series 1200W Type Lineup:

PVS7.5-140 0 to 7.5V / 0 to 140A
PVS12-100 0 to 12V / 0 to 100A
PVS20-60 0 to 20V / 0 to 60A
PVS40-30 0 to 40V / 0 to 30A
PVS60-20 0 to 60V / 0 to 20A
PVS100-12 0 to 100V / 0 to 12A
PVS150-8 0 to 150V / 0 to 8A
PVS300-4 0 to 300V / 0 to 4A
PVS600-2 0 to 600V / 0 to 2A

The PVS Series power supplies may be used for aging tests of electronic devices such as chips, capacitors, and PDPs, and may also be used to power measurement and control systems.

Low-profile design (44 mm or 88 mm)
Voltage and current presetting
Simultaneous voltage and current display
Remote control using external voltage
Remote control using an external resistor
Output ON/OFF control

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

More Details
Variable-switching Regulated DC Power Supply (CV/CC)