PS280 – Tektronix Power Supplies

PS280 – Tektronix Power Supplies
30.0V (Max. Voltage)

The PS280 DC power supply is a multifunction benchtop or portable instrument. It is a regulated power supply that provides fixed 5 V output for powering logic circuits and two variable outputs for a wide range of test and experimental uses.

Triple Output
One Fixed 5 V, 3 A Supply
Two Variable Outputs, 0 to 30 V, 2 A
Digital LED Output Indicator
Variable Current Limiting
Selectable Independent Tracking Mode
Dual Tracking, Variable 0 to 30 V, 2.0 A
One Year Warranty

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

More Details
Power Supply,Triple,One Fixed 5 V, 3 A ,Two Variable Outputs, 0 to 30 V, 2 A -discont.