PMC-A Series – Kikusui Power Supplies

PMC-A Series – Kikusui Power Supplies
500.0V (Max. Voltage)
The PMC Series features compact, high-performance, constant voltage, constant current, series regulated DC power supplies.

PMC-A Series Lineup:

PMC18-1A 0 to 18V/0 to 1A
PMC18-2A 0 to 18V/0 to 2A
PMC18-3A 0 to 18V/0 to 3A
PMC18-5A 0 to 18V/0 to 5A
PMC35-0.5A 0 to 35V/0 to 0.5A
PMC35-1A 0 to 35V/0 to 1A
PMC35-2A 0 to 35V/0 to 2A
PMC35-3A 0 to 35V/0 to 3A
PMC70-1A 0 to 70V/0 to 1A
PMC160-0.4A 0 to 160V/0 to 0.4A
PMC110-0.6A 0 to 110V/0 to 0.6A
PMC250-0.25A 0 to 250V/0 to 0.25A
MC350-0.2A 0 to 350V/0 to 0.2A
PMC500-0.1A 0 to 500V/0 to 0.1A

The series regulated design realizes a highly stable output with a low level of output noise. The LED digital meter, which is legible even in dimly lit locations, and electronic switches that eliminate relay chattering, are also featured in this series. In addition, some of the PMC-A Series are equipped with various remote control functions, and when connected with power supply controllers, allow compatibility with GPIB systems.

Simultaneous display of voltage and current values
GPIB control by combining with power supply controllers
External analog remote control of voltage and current
Front Panel Output ON/OFF switch
10-turn potentiometer for setting of voltage and current
Remote sensing function (Only models of which rated output voltage is 18V or 35V)

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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Compact DC Power Supply (CV/CC)