PM 6681R – Fluke Frequency Counters

PM 6681R – Fluke Frequency Counters
8.0GHz (Max. Freq.)

The PM 6681R sets the new standard for measurement and analysis of time intervals, frequency, phase and jitter. For development, calibration, or challenging production test applications, the PM 6681R is the leader.

Calibrates frequency, time intervals and phase
11 digits per second measuring speed
50 ps single-shot time interval resolution
Down to 2 ps averaged time interval resolution
8k readings/s to internal memory with 50 ps resolution
Repetitive sampling rate up to 10 M/s
High trigger level resolution 1.25 mV
Very low systematic time error 500 ps
High phase accuracy to 0.02ยบ
TimeView PC software including frequency-vs-time, FFT
Five 10 MHz reference outputs and one 5 MHz output

The Rubidium reference of the PM 6681R makes this instrument the most accurate frequency reference/counter/calibrator for the calibration of frequency, time or phase.

High accuracy and short warm-up times
Calibrates frequency, time or phase
Calibrates any application specific frequency
5 x 10 MHz and 1 x 5 MHz buffered reference output
5 year warranty on Rubidium element

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]

Frequency, Time interval, Jitter

More Details
300 MHz Rubidium Timer/Counter/Analyzer including GPIB-Interface