PCIe-4065 – National Instruments Digital Multimeters

PCIe-4065 – National Instruments Digital Multimeters
300.0V (Vdc High Range)

The National Instruments PCIe-4065 6½-digit digital multimeter (DMM) is the first DMM for PCI Express in the industry. It is a low-cost board for the measurement of voltage, current, and resistance, or for diode test. Along with the NI PCI-4065, it is ideally suited for OEMs, educational laboratories, or other cost-conscious test and measurement facilities. With ±300 VDC/Vrms of isolation, current measurements up to 3 A, and 2 or 4-wire resistance measurements, the NI 4065 DMMs provide a complete multimeter solution for basic 6½-digit measurement needs.

For higher-performance requirements, consider using NI 407x PCI and PXI FlexDMM devices. These devices combine industry-leading accuracy and resolution at 6½ and 7½ digits with 1.8 MS/s digitizer capability for faster sampling rates in production test environments.

You can easily integrate NI 4065 DMMs with stand-alone switching using the 4 or 12-slot USB Switch Mainframes from National Instruments. You can configure these switch systems, controllable from any available USB port on a desktop or laptop PC, with more than 50 available SCXI switch topologies. Switching offers a simple method of channel expansion for data-logging systems based on NI 4065 DMMs.

Basic 6½-digit DMM measurement capabilities
7 built-in measurements – AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, 2 or 4-wire resistance, and diode test
±300 VDC/Vrms isolation
3000 readings/s (maximum) at 4½ digits
Ideally suited for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), educational labs, and production test

Vdc High Range


DCV, ACV, Resistance, Diode, DCA, ACA, TRMS, 2/4 Wire Resistance

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Low-Cost 6_-Digit DMM for PCI Express