PBX Series – Kikusui Power Supplies

PBX Series – Kikusui Power Supplies
40.0V (Max. Voltage)

The PBX Series of DC power supplies uses polarity to toggle between positive and negative continuously by passing zeroes in succession without the need to change output terminals.

PBX Series Lineup:

PBX20-5 +/-0 to 20V +/-0 to 5A
PBX20-10 +/-0 to 20V +/-0 to 10A
PBX20-20 +/-0 to 20V +/-0 to 20A
PBX40-2.5 +/-0 to 40V +/-0 to 2.5A
PBX40-5 +/-0 to 40V +/-0 to 5A
PBX40-10 +/-0 to 40V +/-0 to 10A

The use of a power amplification system results in low ripple noise levels and highly stable operation while at the same time allowing the power supplies to operate at high speed. Supporting “four quadrant operation” whereby they can both supply power (source operation) and sink voltage and current (sink operation), this series is suited to driving inductive and capacitive loads. Also, because the cnstant voltage (C.V) and constant current (C.C) modes can be set individually, the models may be used not only as constant voltage power supplies but constant current and voltage control power supplies as well. In addition, output sequence control is supported, thereby making it possible to generate waveforms at given voltages and currents.

High-speed operation at 50µsCV) or 100µs (CC) (fast mode)
Four quadrant operation allowing the power supply to sink power
30-kHz DC power booster (CV fast mode/through setting)
Sequence function that enables programming of steps at 100µs intervals
Measurement display function to display peak, RMS, and max/min values
GPIB and RS-232C interfaces supported (option)

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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Programmable Bipolar DC Power Supply (CV/CC)