PAS Series – Kikusui Power Supplies

PAS Series – Kikusui Power Supplies
500.0V (Max. Voltage)

The PAS Series consists of sophisticated variable-switching DC power supplies that refine and add to the advances of our conventional PAK-A Series.

PAS Series Lineup:

PAS10-35 0 to 10V/0 to 35A
PAS10-70 0 to 10V/0 to 70A
PAS10-105 0 to 10V/0 to 105A
PAS20-18 0 to 20V/0 to 18A
PAS20-36 0 to 20V/0 to 36A
PAS20-54 0 to 20V/0 to 54A
PAS40-9 0 to 40V/0 to 9A
PAS40-18 0 to 40V/0 to 18A
PAS40-27 0 to 40V/0 to 27A
PAS60-6 0 to 60V/0 to 6A
PAS60-12 0 to 60V/0 to 12A
PAS60-18 0 to 60V/0 to 18A
PAS80-9 0 to 80V/0 to 9A
PAS80-4.5 0 to 80V/0 to 4.5A
PAS80-13.5 0 to 80V/0 to 13.5A
PAS160-2 0 to 160V/0 to 2A
PAS160-4 0 to 160V/0 to 4A
PAS160-6 0 to 160V/0 to 6A
PAS320-1 0 to 320V/0 to 1A
PAS320-2 0 to 320V/0 to 2A
PAS320-3 0 to 320V/0 to 3A
PAS500-0.6 0 to 500V/0 to 0.6A
PAS500-1.2 0 to 500V/0 to 1.2A
PAS500-1.8 0 to 500V/0 to 1.8A

While the cabinet size remains unchanged from conventional models, the PAS Series incorporates a high-efficiency switching circuit and a power-factor correction circuit to meet the needs of today”s users. Provided with Kikusui-developed digital communication functions (TP-BUS: Twist Pair Bus) as standard equipment, this Series can handle power supply systems ranging from small scale (two units) to large scale systems (up to 448 channels in combination with power supply controllers of the PIA4800 Series via GPIB) at low cost. The distance between the controller and power supplies can be extended up to 200 m for use in applications such as plant power supply control from the PC at office.

Equipped with a power-factor correction circuit
High power conversion efficiency of 75% (TYP.)
Equipped with digital communication functions
External analog control functions
Analog read-back function
Parallel and series operation
Four-digit indication display unit
Multifunction dial
Supporting universal AC input

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

More Details
Variable-switching Regulated DC Power Supply (CV/CC)