OSA-303 – Acterna Optical Spectrum Analyzers

OSA-303 – Acterna Optical Spectrum Analyzers
1650 nm (High end wavelength limit)
The perfect solution for next generation ultra-dense WDM systems.
The OSA product line consists of high-precision optical spectrum analyzers designed for dense and coarse WDM applications. They offer improved OSNR ranges and accurate DWDM network measurements with high channel counts and tight channel spacing over the full wavelength range of 1250 to 1650 nm.

•Internal online wavelength calibration guarantees highest wavelength accuracy and requires no recalibration, thus significantly reducing service costs
•High filter selectivity and lab optical performance over the full band, from 1250 to 1650nm, in a field-modular design
•Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) with one-button operation (FOX) for optimized instrument settings and auto pass/fail analysis
•Full-band optical spectrum analyzer for the ONT platform, the MTS-8000 tester and theT-BERD 8000 tester
•Future-proof design with a wide tuning range of 1250 to 1650 nm that is suitable for all optical DWDM and CWDM (Metro) networks
•Channel drop option for troubleshooting and fault location. lsolation of a single channel out of the entire spectrum for further in-depth signal analysis with BERT or a Q-factor meter
•Software option for PMD testing based on the fixed analyzer PMD test method
•Built-in optical component test applications for laser diodes, LEDs, and optical amplifiers

Form FactorBenchtop

High end wavelength limit1650 nm

Wavelength Resolutionn/a

Instrument TypeGrating

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