NGPQ32/6 – Rohde & Schwarz Power Supplies

NGPQ32/6 – Rohde & Schwarz Power Supplies
32.0V (Max. Voltage)

The new programmable DC Power Supply NGPQ 32/6 is a general purpose laboratory power supply, useable in all applications, where the quality of the supply voltage plays an important role for proper DUT operation. Due to its excellent output regulation characteristics, it is a suitable battery replacement of mobile communication products like mobile phones. The linear regulation concept and an optimized output circuit allows lowest ripple and noise as like as fast transient load response. But nevertheless its multi-range output characteristic ensures, that the available 48W maximum output power can be used for a wide range of typical applications: higher current at lower supply voltages (8V/6A) or lower current at higher supply voltages (32V/1.5A).

One channel (48W) with 3 supply ranges:
0 to 8V / 0 to 6A
0 to 16V / 0 to 3A
0 to 32V / 0 to 1.5A
Two measurement ranges:
0 to 6A with 100µA resol.
0 to 100mA with 1µA resol.
Voltage resolution 1mV
Optimized transient response for Mobile Phones
Low ripple/noise: ≤0.6mV
Back-lighted LCD display for setting, reading and status informations
Up to 60 non-volatile system setups
Setable Overvoltage, Overcurrent and Soft-limits
CV, CC and Foldback mode
Remote sensing capability
Intelligent status indication
Comfortable manual and remote operation
Front and rear panel outputs
Electronic Calibration
IEEE488.2 and RS232 interfaces as standard

Max. Voltage

Number of Outputs

Max. Current

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