NG1502 – Sencore Noise Generators

NG1502 – Sencore Noise Generators
2.150GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
•Flat, broadband RF noise source ranging from 5 MHz to 2,150 MHz
•Inspect the frequency response characteristics of an RF system (CATV, MATV, telemetry etc.)
•Analyze the frequency response of RF amps
•Align RF band-pass filters and notch traps
•Identify the high frequency band-pass limitation of an RF system
•Analyze the RF frequency response characteristics of cables and transmission lines
•Teams with the Sencore SA1454 and SLM1456 for frequency response testing of RF systems, components, and cable
•Portable and battery operated for field testing applications
•Comes complete with battery pack, carrying case, connectors, adapters, and cables

Frequency Range Max.2.150GHz

Max. Power Densityn/a


More Details
A portable broadband RF noise source that turns a spectrum analyzer into an RF sweep analyzer.