N6033A – Agilent / HP Arbitrary Waveform Generators

N6033A – Agilent / HP Arbitrary Waveform Generators

625.00MSa/sec (Sampling Rate)
The Agilent N6033A arbitrary waveform generator delivers unprecedented performance for creation of complex ultra-wideband (UWB) waveforms. High sampling rate and high bit resolution provided in a single instrument enable designers to create ideal UWB waveforms for accurate system and subsystem test. Each channel of the N6033A provides 250 MHz of modulation bandwidths and over 50 dBc of spurious free dynamic range. When the N6033A is combined with a wideband I/Q upconverter, modulation bandwidth of 500MHz can be realized at microwave frequencies for authentic signal simulations for IF and RF subsystem tests.

•Dual output channels drive differential and single-ended designs
•Multi-emitter and Multi-path simulations possible via synchronization of multiple modules
•Complex waveforms can be created via advanced sequencing engine
•Leverage of existing software: Use code from MATLAB, and other programs for ease of integration
•625 MS/s sample clock
•10 bits of vertical resolution
•Dual channel operation
•Differential and single-ended outputs
•Up to 16 MS waveform memory (optional)
•Multiple module synchronization
•Up to 125k definable waveform segments
•Up to 16k unique definable sequences
•Complete instrument control from MATLAB
•Compatible with Compact PCI and PXI mainframes
•Options include AWGN, Dynamic Sequencing, and Direct Digital Synthesis

Sampling Rate625.00MSa/sec


Record Length16 MS per channel (with option)

Output Voltage Rangen/a

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