N4903A-G07 – Agilent / HP Pattern Generators

N4903A-G07 – Agilent / HP Pattern Generators
7.00Gbps (Max. Data Rate)
The new Agilent J-BERT N4903A 7 Gb/s and 12.5 Gb/s pattern generator options are cost-efficient digital stimuli, enabling quick and accurate characterization and compliance test of high-speed serial interfaces. Design and test engineers can use the J-BERT pattern generators to inject clean as well as worst-case jittered pattern and clock signals into the device under test. Analysis tools, such as oscilloscopes, built-in error ratios test (BIST), or other analyzers can be used to monitor the behavior of the device under test under ideal and worst-case conditions.
•Differential outputs for data, clocks and trigger
•Variable output voltages covering LVDS, ECL, CML
•Transitions times < 20 ps •Clean pulses with jitter < 9 ps pp •High precision delay control input to inject jitter from an external source •Calibrated and integrated jitter injection (options J10, J20, both retrofitable) •Subrate clocks for generating any reference clock •Pattern sequencing and 32 Mbit pattern •SSC clocks for computer buses (option J11) Specifications Max. Data Rate 7.00Gbps Channels n/a Max. PRBS Pattern 31 Pattern Depth 32 Mbit More Details J-Bert Pattern Generator