LMV-186A – Leader Voltmeters

LMV-186A – Leader Voltmeters
500.0kHz(High end frequency limit)

The LMV series of average responding rms reading ac millivoltmeters are applicable to a wide range of general purpose single or dual channel measurements. Both models feature a high sensitivity of 100 µV and range to 300 V rms maximum full scale with a wide bandwidth of 5 Hz to 1 MHz for the LMV-181A or to 500 kHz for the LMV-186A. Meter scales are conveniently calibrated in millivolts and dB (0 dBV = 1 V and 0 dBm = 0.775 V) with accuracies to within ± 2% f.s.

•Calibrated in Millivolts, Volts, dBV and dBm into 600 ½
•± 2% of Full Scale Accuracy
•100 µV Sensitivity
•Amplifier Output Terminals

High end frequency limit500.0kHz

Voltage Range High300 V

Voltage Range Low1 mV

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AC Millivoltmeter

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