IQS-1600 – EXFO Optical Power Meters

IQS-1600 – EXFO Optical Power Meters
1700 nm (High end wavelength limit)

The IQS-1600 High-Speed Power Meter increases testing effeciency thanks to its high sampling rate (up to 4096 samples per second) and fast stabilization time.

The flexible graphical user interface (GUI) developed by EXFO allows easy control of the power meter settings. Get instant access to software buttons, such as those used to launch an acquisition, perform a min/max signal tracking or activate the Graph mode. The Graph mode provides user-configurable measurement displays. Up to four curves can be displayed at once. When operating in Continuous mode, the graph displays the measurements in real time.

The IQS-1600 comes with front panel InGaAs detectors, with an impressive –85 dBm sensitivity.

Perform acquisitions on a single channel or on several channels simultaneously, and save all results in a file on the IQS platform or on your network. Triggers are available on IQS-1600 models.

The power meter application offers one or two virtual channels, enabling real-time power ratio calculations and display. This is most useful when you need to actively reference an optical source that drifts over time, or to compare two channels with theoretically identical power.

One, two, or four independent channels per module
Excellent ± 0.015 dB linearity and ± 5% uncertainty
Available with 1 or 3 mm InGaAs detectors, ideal for component characterization

Fiber Optic

High end wavelength limit
1700 nm

Measurement Units

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