GFG-8215A – GW Instek Function Generators

GFG-8215A – GW Instek Function Generators
3.0MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Instek GFG-8215A model provides excellent waveform accuracy with a frequency range of .3Hz to 3MHz flat within 0.5db. The output is variable up to 10V pp into 50 ohm circuit.

•Wave Forms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Pulse and Ramp
•Frequency Range: .3Hz to 3MHz (7 ranges)
•Variable and fixed TTL output
•Variable DC offset for engineering applications Maximum Frequency, Sine wave 3 MHz
•Maximum Frequency, Square Wave 100 kHz
•Maximum Frequency, Triangle Wave 3 MHz
•Frequency Accuracy 5 %
•Maximum Output Voltage 10 V
•Flatness 0.5 dB
•Modulation AM

Frequency Range Max.3.0MHz

Waveform OutputsSine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, TTL, CMOS


More Details
Function Generator,3MHz -20dBx2