FSH6 (Model .26) – Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers

FSH6 (Model .26) – Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Analyzers
6.00GHz (High end frequency limit)
The Rohde & Schwarz FSH is the ideal spectrum analyzer for rapid, high-precision, cost-effective signal investigations. It provides a large number of measurement functions and so can handle anything from the installation or maintenance of a mobile radio base station up to on-site fault location in RF cables as well as development and service ¨an extensive range of applications. Due to its excellent characteristics, the FSH is used on board the International Space Station (ISS) for distance-to-fault measurements on RF antenna cables.The tracking generator extends the R&S FSH6”””s range of applications to cover distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements on cables, scalar and vector network analysis and 1-port cable loss measurement.
•Internal preamplifier with frequency range from 100 kHz to 6 GHz
•Displayed average noise level typ. -135 dBm (RBW 100 Hz)
•0.5 dB typ. level accuracy up to 6 GHz
•Resolution bandwidths 100 Hz to 1 MHz, 1 and 3 steps
•Wide range of detectors: sample, max/min peak , auto peak, RMS
•Tracking Generator from 5 MHz to 6 GHz
•90 dB typ. dynamic range for vector transmission measurement
•Output power of tracking generator -10dBm (f 3 GHz)


High end frequency limit


Resolution Bandwidth Max.


Resolution Bandwidth Min.


Amplitude Range

DANL to +20 dBm

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