FG503 – Tektronix Function Generators

FG503 – Tektronix Function Generators
3.0MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Tektronix FG503 Function Generator provides high-quality low-distortion sine, square, and triangle waveforms. Six decade frequency multiplier steps, a custom position for user-determined frequency multiplication, a dial calibrated from 1.0 to 30 (uncalibrated from 0.1 to 1.0), and a frequency vernier control working together to select frequencies in overlapping ranges from 1Hz to 3MHz. The output frequency can be swept over a 1000:1 ratio by an external voltage.

•1 Hz to 3 MHz
•Three waveforms
•Up to 20 Vp-p output
•Up to +-7.5 V offset

Frequency Range Max.3.0MHz

Waveform OutputsSine, Square, Triangle


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