ESS Series 15 KW Models – Lambda Power Supplies

ESS Series 15 KW Models – Lambda Power Supplies
600.0V (Max. Voltage)

The ESS Series 15KW models have a voltage range of 10 to 600 Volts DC, with a current range of 25 to 1400 Amps. For example:

ESS 10-1400
ESS 80-185
ESS 500-30

The ESS is a high power Constant Voltage, Constant Current Programmable DC power supply. Since its introduction in 1995, the ESS has evolved into one of the most reliable, compact, high performance power supplies available. It features a pulse-by-pulse current limit which provides excellent performance in demanding high current applications such as RF Amplifiers, DC Motors and Magnetic Coils. The many standard features make it an excellent choice for both OEM and laboratory applications.

This very high density supply provides 10 kW or 15 kW in a 5U (8.75″) high rack-mount package. Outputs are available to 600 V (500 V, 15 kW) and 1400 amps.

Front panel includes potentiometers for voltage and current control along with meters for both. LED indicators clearly show Overvoltage Condition, Inverter Failure, Phase Loss, and Control Failure.

In addition to Front Panel Controls, the Rear Panel offers analog programming and monitoring of voltage and current as well as an optional RS232/IEEE 488 interface. For higher power systems, ESS power supplies may be connected in series or parallel. Contact factory for details.

Lambda Americas can provide a wide range of custom features in the ESS package. Some of them include: special front panel color, safety and control interlocks, custom voltage and/or current outputs, and precision current monitor.

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