E1433B – Agilent / HP Transient Recorders / Digitizers

strong>E1433B – Agilent / HP Transient Recorders / Digitizers

196kSa/sec (Max Sample Rate)

The E1433B 8-Channel 196 kSa/s Digitizer plus DSP is a C-size VXI module. “196 kSa/s” refers to the maximum sample rate of 196,608 samples per second per channel.

The E1433B may contain either one or two four-channel input assemblies so that the module may have a total of up to eight inputs. This module integrates transducer signal conditioning, anti-alias protection, digitization and high speed measurement computation in a single-slot VXI card.

Onboard digital signal processing and 32 Mbytes of RAM maximizes total system performance and flexibility.

•Number of Channels 8 ch
•Minimum Bandwidth 0.4 Hz
•Maximum Bandwidth 88 kHz
•Resolution 16 bits
•Maximum Input Voltage 42 V
•Measurement Accuracy 0.5 %
•Common mode Rejection Ratio 70 dB
•Flatness: <88khz +/- 2% For>100mv Range
•Cross-Ch Amplitude Match:29khz:+/-0.1dB
•Crosstalk : <-80dbfs Specifications Max Sample Rate196kSa/sec Channels8 Resolution16 bits More Details Digitizer plus DSP