DSA8200 – Tektronix Serial Data Analyzers

DSA8200 – Tektronix Serial Data Analyzers
70.0GHz (Bandwidth)
The DSA8200 digital serial analyzer sampling oscilloscope is the first tool to provide complete Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) capability and remains your time- and cost-effective choice for signal path characterization.

As the leader in the market for TDR-based solutions, the DSA8200 gives you the greatest performance for serial data network analysis applications – TDR performance, S-parameter bandwidth, signal fidelity, and RMS noise. And as the leader, it also gives you the versatility for characterization and conformance testing of emerging high-speed computer and communications electrical and optical signals.

•DC to 70+ GHz Bandwidth (Bandwidth is determined by plug-in modules and may exceed 70 GHz as higher speed modules become available in the future)
•State of the Art Communication Signal Analysis
•Industry-leading Timebase Accuracy
•Modular Architecture with Up to Eight Acquisition Channels
•Advanced Jitter, Noise, and BER analysis
•High performance TDR/TDT
•S-parameters Measurements
•Modular Architecture
•True Differential Remote Sampler Enabling Placement Near DUT for Superior Signal Fidelity
•FrameScan™ Acquisition Mode with Eye Diagram Averaging:
◦Isolate Data Dependent Faults
◦Examine Low-power Signals
•MS Windows XP Operating System
•Advanced Connectivity to 3rd party software



Sample Rate150.0kSa/sec

Memory Depth1 MPoints record length

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