CFL535F – Megger TDR

CFL535F – Megger TDR
52493 (Max. Range)

The CFL535F has a minimum resolution of 0.1m and a maximum range of 20 km at VF=0.9 and 16 Km at 0.65 VF. The CFL535F can perform single or dual channel measurements on a wide range of metallic cables. Active channels can be compared with each other or with previously stored traces from memory. Differential channel measurements are possible and cross talk between channels can also be identified. 20 km range at VF = 0.90 Monochrome or colour options Primary cell or rechargeable options Large back lit LCD Display Dual cursor measurement Intermittent fault location Output pulse amplitude and width control “TX Null” technology No blocking filter required Trace Master PC software included 15 memory trace storage

Max. Range52493

Pulse Width Max.16msec

Pulse Width Min.7nsec

More Details
General Purpose Time Domain Reflectometer, Cable Fault Locator