Ati – Voltech RLC Impedance Meters

Ati – Voltech RLC Impedance Meters
3MHz (Test Freq. Range High)

Automatic high speed transformer testing, plus an LCR meter, all in one. Meet the ATi.

•Designed to test ferrite type transformers
•Offers unlimited frequency selection from 20Hz-3MHz
•Impressive base accuracy of 0.05%
•Can be configured with over 30 measurement parameters
•Ideal for high-speed production testing or manual impedance measurements
•Testing of multiple windings within a test routine, not only primary to secondary but also secondary-to-secondary windings
•Typical ferrite transformer tested in under 2 seconds!
•DC bias current up to 250A with the DC1000
•Prototyping, incoming inspection, and key for R&D bench measurements

Test Freq. Range High3MHz

Resistance Range Highn/a

Capacitance Range Highn/a

MeasurementsC, C, R, R, L, R, L, Z, L, L, L, L, Q, L, Phase, Transformer, Z, B, D, G, L, L, L, R, Phase, Transformer, Transformer, L, R

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