AT3600 – Voltech RLC Impedance Meters

AT3600 – Voltech RLC Impedance Meters
3MHz (Test Freq. Range High)

The AT3600 is the industry standard for testing wound components.

•Fast and highly Accurate, 10 standard tests per second at a basic 0.05% accuracy
•Integral 20 node matrix to test 10 windings in 4 wire Kelvin mode
•Integral 5kV AC/ 7kVDC Hi-Pot
•Easy operation in Production Lines with Pass /Fail indication
•Stand-alone or network capability with PC software
•Easy to program Editor Software package with graphic Winding diagrams
•Server Software exports results for 100% Quality Auditing
•Un-beatable Testing Specifications: DC-3Mhz, 1nH-1MH, 1mV-270V, 1mA-250A DC Bias with additional DC1000
•Testing Solutions for Laminates, Ferrites, Chokes, Current Transformers, Telecom & Audio
Over 40 different Tests to match your measurement needs

Test Freq. Range High3MHz

Resistance Range High10MOhm

Capacitance Range High10 mF

MeasurementsZ, L, C, Q, D, Phase, R, G, B, Transformer

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