AMIQ04 – I/Q Modulation Waveform Generator

AMIQ04 – I/Q Modulation Waveform GeneratorThe AMIQ04 is a dual channel modulation generator engineered for use as an I/Q source for use with complex communication systems. It is programmed and set with WinIQSIM or can be operated from an SMIQ series signal generator. Each channel of the AMIQ04 can store up to 16,000,000 samples. Sequences of sufficient length can therefore be generated at very high symbol rates. The R&S AMIQ04 also features clock frequencies of up to 100 Msamples/s and and a high amplitude resolution of 14 bit at the analog signal output and up to 16 bit at the digital signal output. Unlike typical dual channel ARB generators, the AMIQ04 has automatic amplitude/offset alignment as well as fine adjustment of the skew, which provides excellent symmetry of the two channels, minimizing the error vector.

Other features and specifications include:
•14-bit resolution
•Excellent ACP
•100 MHz sample rate
•Fine adjustment of I/Q skew
•78 dB ACP dynamic range (typical of 3GPP FDD)
•Integrated hard disk and floppy drive
•BER Measurement (w/ option B1)
•4,000,000/16,000,000 sample memory depth
•Generation of broadband digital communication signals (WCDMA, HiperLAN2, IEEE 802.11a)
•Downloading of calculated waveforms and signals also from integrated floppy disk drive
•Auto-alignment and additional user correction of amplitude and offset
•Wide dynamic range through the use of 14-bit D/A converter, ideal for multicarrier applications