AFQ100B – Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

AFQ100B – Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators
600.00MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The R&SÆ AFQ100B with a bandwidth of 528 MHz (RF), a clock rate of 600 MHz and a waveform memory of up to 1 Gsample is the correct choice for applications that require high bandwidth. Examples are the support of broadband digital communications systems such as UWB (ultra-wideband) or Aerospace & Defence (A&D) radar applications where signals with extremely short pulses and short rise and fall times might be needed.
•Memory clock rate: ◦Standard Mode (Mode 1): variable clock rate (1 kHz to 300 MHz) can optimally be adjusted to the signal
◦Broadband Mode (Mode 2): very high clock rate of 600 MHz

•RF bandwidth: ◦Standard Mode (Mode 1): 200 MHz
◦Broadband Mode (Mode 2): 528 MHz (especially suited for UWB and A&D applications)

•Long signal duration of up to 1 Gsample (R&SÆ AFQ-B11 option)
•New WinIQSIM2 option (R&SÆ AFQ-K264) for flexible UWB signal generation according to the WiMedia Alliance (ECMA-368)
•High bandwidth for generating very short pulses with short rise and fall times
•R&SÆ Pulse Sequencer Software for generating complex pulse patterns (R&SÆAFQ-K6 option)
•Accuracy < 20 ps when starting several instruments simultaneously phased-array antenna development and testing •Removable hard disk to meet high security requirements •Excellent spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of typically 78 dBc •Frequency response of typically ± 0.5 dB across 100 MHz I/Q bandwidth •Very pure sine wave source •Analog I/Q outputs (balanced and unbalanced) and optional digital outputs •Multi-segment waveform for reducing switching time between different test signals and thus improving test throughput •Numerous trigger and marker capabilities •Optional BER measurements for characterizing receivers •Digital standards like WCDMA, LTE, HSPA, WiMAX, WLAN, MB-OFDM UWB†using WinIQSIM2″ •Pulsed signals with R&SÆ Pulse Sequencer Software (R&SÆAFQ-K6 option) •R&SÆMATLAB transfer toolbox for easy interoperability with MATLABÆ •R&SÆARB Toolbox for converting numeric I/Q data into waveform files •Remote control via GPIB, USB, and LAN •User interface via external monitor or Windows XP Remote Desktop •USB connectors for USB equipment (keyboard, mouse, memory stick) ” Specifications Frequency Range Max. 600.00MHz Freq. Resolution n/a Output Power 0 V to 1.4 Vpp Modulation I/Q, Digital More Details UWB Signal and I/Q Modulation Generator