8562B – Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzers

8562B – Agilent / HP Spectrum Analyzers
22.00GHz (High end frequency limit)The range of the 8562B can be extended to 325GHz with external mixers. The 8562B is ruggedized to military specifications and can survive harsh field conditions. The 8562B can perform a wide variety of jobs from communication-system and component testing to radar and millimeter measurements.
•Frequency range 9 KHz – 22 GHz
•Minimum Span 2.5 kHz
•Maximum Span 19.25 GHz
•Minimum Sweep Time 50 ms
•Maximum Sweep Time 100 s
•Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 100 Hz
•Maximum Resolution Bandwidth 1 MHz
•Resolution Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10
•Minimum Video Bandwidth 1 Hz
•Maximum Video Bandwidth 3 MHz
•Video Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10
•Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise -100 dBc/Hz
•Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise -86 dBc/Hz
•Maximum Safe AC Input 1 dBm
•Maximum DC Input 0 V
•Minimum Displayed Average Noise -121 dBm
•Maximum Displayed Average Noise -90 dBm
•Maximum Dynamic Range 118 dB
•Maximum Amplitude Uncertainty 3 %
•Trigger Source External,Internal
•Demodulation AM, FM


High end frequency limit


Resolution Bandwidth Max.


Resolution Bandwidth Min.


Amplitude Range


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