81134A – Agilent / HP Pattern Generators

81134A – Agilent / HP Pattern Generators
3.35Gbps (Max. Data Rate)
The 81134A offers hardware-based PRBS and memory-based pattern generation. Basic test patterns for Infiniband, PCI-Express and Serial ATA can be defined. The deep 12 MBit pattern memory per channel supports tests that require long data streams like disk drive tests. With the new PC-based Pattern Management Tool, it is now even easier to handle long patterns. The tool allows to generate, modify and store patterns on a Microsoft Windows based PC. In addition, it provides an easy-to-use function to quickly load the selected pattern to the 81134A via one of the remote control interfaces GPIB, LAN or USB.
•Frequency range from 15 MHz – 3.35 GHz
•Two ouput channels
•Low jitter
•Fast rise times (20%-80%) < 60 ps •Delay modulation (jitter emulation) •Variable cross-over point •LVDS applications can be addressed with output levels from 50 mV to 2 V •Pre-/de-emphasis and squelch levels for PCI Express and serial ATA •PRBS from 25-1 to 231-1 •12 MBit data pattern memory, RZ, NRZ, R1 modes •8 kBit data Burst capability •Graphical User Interface •PC-based Pattern Management Tool •Remote control via GPIB, 10/100 MBit Ethernet and USB 2.0 •SMA connectors for all inputs & outputs Specifications Max. Data Rate 3.35Gbps Channels 2 Max. PRBS Pattern 31 Pattern Depth 12 MBit More Details Pulse Pattern Generator, 3.35 GHz, dual-channel