80425A -Gigatronics Power Sensors

80425A – Gigatronics Power Sensors

The Gigatronics 80425A Series Modulated Power Sensors let you measure the average power of amplitude modulated, burst modulated and other complex modulated signals, such as TDMA signals – at bandwidths up to 40 kHz. This sensor works with the 8540B, 8540C, 8650A, 8650B series power meters..

•Frequency: 10 MHz to 18 GHz
•Measurement Range: -34 dBm to +47 dBm
•SWR: 1.25: 0.01-6GHz / 1.35: 6-12.4GHz / 1.45: 12.4-18G
•Impedance: 50 Ohms
•Connector: N Type, N Type – Male
•Max Input Power: +47 dBm (50 W)