7504SA – Associated Research Hipots

7504SA – Associated Research Hipots
5.000kV (Max. Output AC Voltage)

HypotULTRA®II combines the three most common dielectric safety tests (AC Hipot, DC Hipot & IR test) QUADCHEK®II includes the same tests as HypotULTRA®II along with a high current Ground Bond test for applications requiring a test of the safety ground circuit. GPIB (IEEE-488), RS-232 or printer interfaces Optional built-in and external scanner capabilities Interconnection to LINECHEK or RUNCHEK Single 2 x 20 LCD display Easy-to-use setup parameter adjustments Storage of up to 50 setups with 8 steps per setup Exclusive, patented RAMP HI and CHARGE LO testing Line and Load regulation PLC remote inputs & outputs High output current Digitally controlled arc detection system Four wire measurement and milliohm offset

0 – 5 KV AC, 0 – 6 KV DC output adjustment range
Max. resistance 9999MOhm
Min.Ramp time 0.1s
Max.ramp time 0.9s

Max. Output AC Voltage

Max. Output DC Voltage

Output AC Current

Output DC Current

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AC/DC Hipot,Insulation resistance & ground bond tester