705140 – Yokogawa Arbitrary Waveform Generators

705140 – Yokogawa Arbitrary Waveform Generators

10.00MSa/sec (Sampling Rate)
•10 MHz clock rate & 12-bit Resalution
•Built-in function generator
•Input Ch1 to Ch4
•Frequency Resolution: 10 mHz
•Form Factor Benchtop
•Number of Channels 4ch
•Waveforms (Sine, Square, etc.) Ramp,Sine,Square,Triangle
•Minimum Frequency 10 mHz
•Maximum Frequency, Sine wave 2 MHz
•Maximum Frequency, Square Wave 200 kHz
•Maximum Frequency, Triangle Wave 200 kHz
•Maximum Frequency, Ramp 200 kHz
•Frequency Accuracy 0.05 %
•Maximum Output Voltage 10 V
•Output Impedance 50 Ohm
•Sweep Modes Arbitrary,Linear,Log
•Trigger Modes Continuous,Hold,Loop,Trigger

Sampling Rate10.00MSa/sec


Record Lengthn/a

Output Voltage Range10V

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