6647A – Wiltron Sweeper Generators

6647A – Wiltron Sweeper Generators
18.6GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Wiltron 6647A Programmable Sweep Generator is a high performance, programmable sweep generator.

•All front panel controls are accessible via GP-IB (optional).
•Excellent signal purity and frequency stability.
•Power level accuracy to within 1 dB. Can be phaselocked to an external counter for even greater frequency accuracy.
•Frequency Range: 10MHz to 18.6Ghz,
•Output level: > 10 mW (internally leveled)
•Output Power :
◦ Internally leveled maximum (dBm): >10
◦ With Opt. 2, 70 dB Attenuator (dBm): >82
•Frequency Accuracy
◦ CW Mode (MHz): ±10
◦Sweep Mode <50 MHz (MHz): ±15 •Sweep Time: .01 to 99 seconds •Sweep Modes: ◦ Full Sweep ◦ F1 to F2 Sweep ◦ M1 to M2 Sweep ◦ delta F F0 Sweep ◦ delta F F1 Sweep •Markers: Video; RF; Intensity •Leveling Modes: Internal; Detector; Power Meter Specifications Frequency Range Max.18.6GHz Max. Output Power10dBm 0n/a More Details Programmable Sweep Generator