6640A – Wiltron Sweeper Generators

6640A – Wiltron Sweeper Generators
40.0GHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Wiltron 6640A is a Sweep Generator, covering the frequency range of 26,5 to 40 GHz.

•Internally leveled Maximum Output is >1 mW.
•Various sweep modes are possible. For example full sweep, sweeps from F1 to F2, sweeps from marker 1 to marker 2 and Delta-F. CW operation as well.
•Frequency resolution is 1 MHz
•Option 11: external square wave input.
•26.5GHz to 40GHz frequency range,
•1MHz frequency resolution,
•Modulation: Phase-lock, external AM and external FM.

Frequency Range Max.40.0GHz

Max. Output Powern/a


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