6070A – Fluke Sweeper Generators

6070A – Fluke Sweeper Generators
520.0MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
Design innovations in the 6070A and 6071A combine the precision resolution and settability of a synthesizer with the low-noise performance of the best open-loop signal generators on the market. And these two state-of-the-art instruments were developed to be competitively priced as well as cost effective in other ways.

The 6070A and 6071A are programmable and diectly compatible with IEEE Std 488-1978. With then, you can make sophisticated tests and measurements rapidly and with great pre-measure selectivity, sensitivity, intermodulation distortion, AM rejection, AGC response, audio hum, noise and distortion, and SINAD ration. Or you can align a discriminator or check IF response using the digital sweep feature.

Spectral purity is excellent. Spurious outputs, those not related harmonically to either the carrier frequency or the power line frequency, are on the order of -90 dBc to -100 dBc to 520 MHz and -84 dBc above 520 MHz. The typical broadband noise floor is a confortable -150 dBc per Hz, and the single sideband phase-noise is typically -138 dBc per Hz at 20 kHz offset from a 500 MHz carrier. These specifications, by any standard, reflect a truly excellent level of spectral purity.

Frequency Range Max.520.0MHz

Max. Output Power19dBm


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