5384A – Agilent / HP Frequency Counters

5384A – Agilent / HP Frequency Counters
225.0MHz (Max. Freq.)

The Agilent 5384A Frequency Counter utilizes interpolar-enhanced reciprocal counting to provide outstanding performance at a low cost. Frequency coverage allows measurements from 10 Hz to 225 MHz, with resolution of 9 digits per second. The 5384A incorporates a programmable alphanumeric display, accessible remotely via either HP-IB (standard) or HP-IL (optional). The liquid crystal display (LCD) reduces component count, is easy to read (indoors or out), and improves counter reliability and serviceability. The half-rack width 5384A instrument is portable, rackable, and stackable for use in the field, at a workbench, or as part of an ATE system. Options include a four-hour-capacity battery pack, and a high-stability oven oscillator for higher accuracy. Features: High input sensitivity extends applications Extensive input conditioning improves accuracy Variable display digits improve readability External dc operation extends portability Proven reliability For complete details, click on the Data Sheet link. High Input Sensitivity At least 15 mV rms sensitivity reduces the need for preamps and improves low-level signal measurement accuracy. Extensive Input Conditioning A low pass filter, automatic or manual attenuator and trigger level control features provide versatile signal-to-noise conditioning for optimum accuracy. Variable Display Digits View only readable digits from stable signals by controlling the number of display digits. Use as few as 3 or as many as 11 digits. External dc Operation

Max. Freq.

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