5340A – Agilent / HP Frequency Counters

5340A – Agilent / HP Frequency Counters
18.0GHz (Max. Freq.)

The Agilent 5340A Frequency Counter is an easily used, versatile instrument for direct measurement of frequencies from 10 Hz to 18 GHz via a single input connector. The exceptional sensitivity of this instrument enhances measurement in the microwave field, where signals are commonly low-level and connected via directional coupler or lossy devices

Single input 10 Hz to 18 GHz
Automatic amplitude discrimination
High sensitivity -35 dBm
Optional extension to 23 GHz
High AM and FM tolerance
Exceptional reliability
Number of Channels 2 ch
Minimum Frequency, Ch. 1 10 Hz
Maximum Frequency, Ch. 1 18 GHz
Input Impedance, Ch.1 50 Ohm
Input Coupling, Ch 1 AC,DC
Minimum Frequency, Ch. 2 10 Hz
Maximum Frequency, Ch. 2 250 MHz
Input Impedance, Ch. 2 1 MOhm
Input Coupling, Ch 2 AC
Time base stability .0000003 /mo
Measurement Throughput 0.05 s
External Time base reference 10 MHz
Sensitivity: -30 dBm from 10 Hz to 500 MHz; -35 dBm from 500 MHz to 16 GHz; -25dBm from 10 to 18 GHz

Max. Freq.

Freq. Resolution [Digits]


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