496P – Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers

496P – Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers
1.80GHz (High end frequency limit)
The Tektronix 496P is a rugged portable, digital storage, and programmable Spectrum Analyzer. The 496P high stability and 80 dB dynamic range meet your demands for proof-of-performance measurements, on site or on the bench. Simple 1, 2, 3 knob adjustment sets center frequency, frequency. span and reference level.

The digital storage will eliminate your time-consuming display adjustments. Save A, B Minus Save A, Max Hold and Average modes makes it easy to save time while discovering true spectral analysis. Constant tuning rate lets you position the signal quickly and accurately at any frequency span. bandwidth offset.

•Fully programmable via the IEEE-488 interface, excellent choice for ATE systems
•80 dB dynamic range
•Amplitude calibrated in dBm or dBmV
•Variable resolution bandwidth from 1MHz to 30Hz. 50 ohm/75 ohm selectable inputs
•Amplitude Comparison in 0.25 dB steps
•Calibrated amplitude in dBm or dBmV
•Automatic phase lock stabilization reduces incidental FM to 10Hz p-p
•Phase noise sidebands are at least -75 dBc at 30 times the resolution bandwidth offset

High end frequency limit1.80GHz

Resolution Bandwidth Max.1MHz

Resolution Bandwidth Min.30Hz

Amplitude Rangen/a

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