492P – Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers

492P – Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers
21.00GHz (High end frequency limit)The Tektronix 492P Portable Spectrum Analyzer is a high performance, rugged, instrument of compact size, with microprocessor logic control.
•Full programmability via GPIB compatibility.
•Three-knob operation provides use as simple as 1,2,3 through microprocessor coupled functions such as resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, sweep time, frequency span, RF attenuation, and reference level.
•The instrument has a resolution bandwidth of 1MHz to 1kHz in decade steps, plus an autoposition.
•Resolution is within 20% of selected bandwidth.
•Frequency Range: 50kHz to 21GHz expandable to 220GHz
•Dynamic Range: 80 dB


High end frequency limit


Resolution Bandwidth Max.


Resolution Bandwidth Min.


Amplitude Range