3800 – Krohn-Hite Tunable Filters

3800 – Krohn-Hite Tunable Filters
100.00kHz (High end frequency limit)

The 3800 is a very narrow-band tracking filter with the unique ability to track without a reference signal.

•1 Hz to 100 kHz frequency range
•Selectable bandwidths from 0.001 Hz to 1 kHz
•Locks on and tracks an input signal buried 10 dB below the noise level
•Slope attenuation of 12 db per octave of bandwidth
•Four pole Butterworth or RC filter response
•Automatic gain control over a dynamic range of 70 dB
•Q factor as high as 100,000,000
•Internal oscillator may be tuned separately or synched to center frequency

High end frequency limit100.00kHz


Operation ModesBP

More Details
Narrow-band tracking filter

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