3500 – Keithley Power Meters RF

3500 – Keithley Power Meters RF
6.00GHz (Frequency Range – High)

The Keithley Model 3500 Portable RF Power Meter is a compact, handheld instrument designed for making RF power measurements conveniently in both field and R&D lab environments. In laboratory applications, the Model 3500 is a low cost RF power datalogger, transferring data through its built-in USB interface to a computer for trend or drift analysis. The Model 3500 is also useful for field applications, because its compact size lets it fit into a toolkit, so it can go just about anywhere easily. The sensor is built into the handheld enclosure, so users do not have to carry both an instrument and a separate sensor module.

Simple user interface with LCD display
Economical single-function unit
Wideband (10MHz – 6GHz) average RF power measurements
Both sensor and display are housed in the same compact handheld package
USB control interface
Flexibility of drawing operating power from an on-board battery, an AC-DC converter module, or a computer via the USB interface

Freq. Range High


Built in

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