3310A – Agilent / HP Function Generators

3310A – Agilent / HP Function Generators
5.0MHz (Frequency Range Max.)
The Agilent 3310A is a voltage-controlled function generator offering ramp and pulse functions as well as sine, square, and triangle outputs The 3310A has an easy to understand and use front-panel that makes setup and changes quick and easy. DC offset and external voltage control provide a wide variety of uses.

• The Agilent 3310A frequency range covers 0.0005Hz to 5MHz in ten decade ranges.
•The output voltage is greater than 15 V p-p into 50 ohms Fast rise time sync output is provided.
•Aspect ratio of nonsymmetrical function of 15%/85%.
•Pulses or ramps have a 15% or 85% duty cycle.

Frequency Range Max.5.0MHz

Waveform OutputsSine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse


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